Research & Technologies

Research & Technologies

COOLESTSG has identified the following research interests among its members:



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Chiller Plant Efficiency, Optimization, AI, Digitalisation, Measurement, Control and Verification, BIM


Building Materials – Coating, Solar Cooling and Thermal Energy, Nano Materials, Thermo Electric Materials, Daylight Reflectance Analysis, Solar Shading Simulation


Data Center Cooling – Calibrated Vectored Cooling (CVC), Chilled Water System Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle Design Computer Room Air-Conditioning Unit (CRAC – Unit), Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH), Critical Cooling Load, Direct to Chip Cooling, Evaporator Cooling, Immersion System, Liquid Cooling, Hydrogel Dehumidification


District Cooling – Demand Response Peak Load Demand With PCM and Thermal Energy Storage 


Evaporative Cooling


Fresh Air Treatment, Natural Ventilation, Hybrid Fan Cooling, Indoor Environment Quality, Thermal Comfort


Passive Displacement Cooling – Passive Displacement Cooling, Radiant Cooling, Passive Chilled Beams


Personal Cooling and Outdoor Cooling 


Phase Change Materials and Thermal Energy Storage Systems


Refrigeration Technologies, Natural Refrigerant Gases, Refrigerator Dehumidification, Cold Chain, Combined Refrigeration and Hot Water Systems, Dehumidification of Food Processes, Safe and Secure Food Cooling

In our Research Database we have matched the above with research expertise available from institutes of higher learning and research institute members. Access is for CoolestSG consortium members. Please contact us at coolestsg@nus.edu.sg to obtain the password or to apply for membership with CoolestSG.

Click here to view the statistics about key findings from the CoolestSG industry member survey on Cooling Research.

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