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Based in Singapore since 2007, AlfaTech provides all across Asia an end-to-end design, advisory and at-risk turnkey project delivery services. We de-risk clients’ capital expansion experience and provide solutions customized to their needs. With a strong foundation of engineers, and project managers who have delivered projects across APAC region, we bridge the technical, quality and customer service gap between industry best practices and on ground reality faced by MNCs looking to expand in Asia.

We serve companies in high-tech industries such as microelectronics, semiconductors and renewable energy. We work on many types of projects, but have particular core competence in technical projects such as data centers, cleanrooms, laboratories and production facilities. We have since extended our expertise into commercial projects with retail, corporate office and commercial properties. AlfaTech is committed to provide sustainable and cost-effective turnkey solutions and facility management services to our customers that meet their quality expectations. AlfaTech Asia shall comply with regulatory requirements and seek to continually improve on its quality management system.

Find out more about AlfaTech at: www.atce.com

CapitaLand Limited (CapitaLand) is one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups. Headquartered and listed in Singapore, it owns and manages a global portfolio worth S$131.7 billion as at 30 September 2019. CapitaLand’s portfolio spans across diversified real estate classes which includes commercial, retail; business park, industrial and logistics; integrated development, urban development; as well as lodging and residential. With a presence across more than 200 cities in over 30 countries, the Group focuses on Singapore and China as its core markets, while it continues to expand in markets such as India, Vietnam, Australia, Europe and the USA. CapitaLand has one of the largest real estate investment management businesses globally. It manages eight listed real estate investment trusts (REITs) and business trusts as well as over 20 private funds.

Find out more about Capitaland at: https://www.capitaland.com/international/en.html

Incepted since 1992, Comfort Management Pte. Ltd. has built its strength and expertise in M&E, with extensive experience in providing value enhancement to building facilities and systems. Through the years, as the notion of sustainability becomes more prevalent throughout the world, Comfort Management’s knowledge and application of technologies coupled with maintenance best practices has helped many building management uncovered potentials in reducing energy consumption and prolonged lifespan of equipment. This has brought about significant cost savings to our clients and improvements in comfort satisfaction for building occupants. Our ability to contribute to the total energy management plan helps our clients to achieve their sustainability goals with greater ease. Comfort Management is poised to create more value for our clients with customizable solutions to meet their specific needs. With a presence in various Asian countries, our dedicated and experienced team will be at close proximity to discuss and provide an optimal solution.

Find out more about Comfort Management at: https://www.energyconservation.sg/our-success-stories/capital-square

Our team is very much aware of the changes showing on the horizon. Renewable and Sustainable energy is not just a stand-alone fact. It is part of a new period of a Circular Economy in which all new technology will be combined. Although an important subject, Climate Change is not the only motivation. The Next Industrial Revolution is rapidly approaching. Some are “Deniers” who think all will stay the same. Others are part of the “Believers” who accept things that need the change. We are part of the “Makers”, those who will work to make this change happen.

Renewable Energy is an important part of the Circular Economy which goes beyond recycling your plastic bag. It will include Energy, Production of food and materials, ICT and E-Commerce. A lot of old technology and old interests will be demolishedbut on the ruins this new environment will grow. Our team wants to contribute to that in order to make a better and more justified society for ourselves and the generations after us” Hans van Mameren. (Founder of Energy Renewed Pte Ltd)

Find out more about Energy Renewed at: https://www.energy-renewed.com/solutions-1

ENGIE Lab Singapore focuses on three fields: smart energy systems for cities and islands, industrial energy efficiency and gas technologies. It will support and collaborate with the ENGIE entities that are already established in the region. The teams will manage R&D projects and provide services based on their technological expertise which includes managing new energies, digital systems such as Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile apps, as well as strengthen existing technologies to enhance energy-related infrastructures and energy uses.

Find out more ENGIE at: https://www.engie-sea.com/

IES Engineering (S) Pte Limited was established since 2008. The company specialized in Centralized hot water system, stainless steel storage tanks/ Calorifiers supplier/ manufacturer, hot water dehumidifier (heat recovery unit). Main Products manufactured are Calorifier/ hot water storage tank with German technology, Stainless Steel tanks (AISI SS304/ AISI SS316L), Heat Transfer Compact Unit and hot water circulation pumpset. The configuration can be customized to include heat exchanger coil, plate heat exchange calorifier with circulation pump.

Other energy efficient products include Solar collector, air source/water source heat pump, heat recovery unit, control panel & energy meter. In less than 10 years, we have established itself as one of the leading companies in the field of hot water system in Singapore. The demand for IES Calorifier/ Stainless steel hot water storage tanks has increased tremendously within the last decade and has been marketed to countries within Asia such as Sri Lanka, Brunei, Maldives, Yangon and etc.

Find out more IES Engineering at: https://ies-group.com/project-highlight/singapore

IXT is your strategic partner in Critical M&E Infrastructure. Since 2004 IXT has been a professional M&E solution partner in the design, implementation and maintenance of Data Centres, Corporate Server Rooms & Offices for a diversified range of clients in Singapore – MNCs, Financial Institutions, Government Statutory Boards, SMEs.

Find out more about IX Technology at: https://www.ixtechnology.com.sg/

Mitsubishi Electric Asia is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a world leading manufacturer of products ranging from home electronics to satellite systems. 

Established in 1977, Mitsubishi Electric Asia has been offering reliable, high-performance products and services ranging from home electronics, industrial and factory automation, space systems, public utility systems and semiconductors to homes, businesses and industries in Asia Pacific.

Guided by the ‘Three Principles’ (Corporate Responsibility to Society, Integrity and Fairness, Global Understanding through Business), Mitsubishi Electric Asia endeavours in pursuing thoroughgoing compliance and a variety of philanthropic and environmental activities to enhance quality of life globally.

At Mitsubishi Electric Asia, we live by our pledged commitment to change for the better with every move we make.

Find out more about them here: 


Open Computing Singapore was established with a vision to provide cost effective ICT plaforms based on Open Server Architecture, Open Source Operating Systems, Open Software Design Network Switches to minimize CAPEX and OPEX to achieve a much lower TCO using non-propreitary technologies.Open Computing Singapore offers High Performance Computing with Cluster Servers, Application Servers, MicroServers, GPU Servers and 3D Workstations, Industrial Computers, Storage, High Speed InterConnects, 19” Server Racks, Premium Liquid Cooling solutions and Data Center Infrastructure Management. We work closely with Data Centers, Government Agencies and Enterprises across the Asia Pacific region.Our clients are empowered to integrate a wide range of Compute, Accelerator, Network Storage and Cooling technologies in Rack-based solutions for their most demanding requirements.Our firm also resell 3rd Party Hardware and Software products to provide a “One-Stop Shop” experience.

Find out more about Open Computing at: https://opencomputing.sg/

Shinhan Tech-Engineering Pte Ltd is a company incorporated and based in Singapore. Our range of services include: Distribution and Technical Support for Gripple Innovative Wire Rope Suspension Solutions for the ASEAN region.Distribution of SeaBreeze Deodorizer for Worldwide.Repair and Servicing of Air-cooled, Water-cooled Chillers, and Pumps.Maintenance of Water-cooled FCU, AHU, Pumps, and Chillers.Turnkey design and installation of Building Management System.Turnkey design and installation of Chiller Plant System, including optimisation programming.Turnkey design and installation of HVAC system, including passive coil system.We are a BCA registered General Builder Class 2, specialising in private landed properties.

Find out more about Shinhan Tech-Engineering at: https://shinhan-techengineering.com/

Since 1979, Squire Mech Pte Ltd has grown from strength to strength as a major force in the field of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (M&E) consultancy services and design building development in Singapore and globally. Squire Mech is recognised as a leader, as major clients and authority bodies seek our services and representation.

Find out more about Squiremech at: http://www.squiremech.com/public/

Nearly all aspects of our lives involve the use of technology. It is how we work and play and do anything in between. This connectivity or use of data is built into the very fabric of our society. It is vital to human progress. Vertiv believes there is a better way to meet this accelerating demand for data — one driven by passion and innovation. As industry experts and Architects of Continuity, we collaborate with our customers to envision and build future-ready infrastructures.

We leverage our portfolio of hardware, software, analytics, and services, to ensure our customers’ vital applications run continuously, perform optimally, and scale with business needs. Data Centers: Hyperscale, Enterprise, Distributed IT/Edge, Colocation and Cloud Communication Networks: Macro Site, Central Office, Small Cell and Data Center Commercial and Industrial: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Rail/Mass Transit, Power Generation and Oil and Gas.

Find out more about Vertiv at: https://www.vertiv.com/en-asia/

Company Name / Member Since
Area of Focus
AlfaTech / 2019
SME Full Member
End to end design, consultanty, advisory and turn-key projects of data centres, semi-conductor plants, renewable energy plants, commercial, retail, and office buildings and facilities management
Barcol Air / 2020
SME Associate Member
Passive Displacement Cooling, Radiant Cooling
CoolestDC / 2021
SME Associate Member
Thermal management products and solutons for data centes, computer servers, power electromics and EV batteries
Coolzy / 2021
SME Associate Member
Continued research and development to further improve and enhance the performance and experience of personal air-conditioning solutions.
Engie Lab / 2019
R&D of smart energy systems, industrial energy efficiency and gas technologies, maker of AC units, facilties management, energy efficiency solutions
Meta / 2021
Online social networking service and communication platforms including instagram, facebook messenger, whatsapp, data centres
GreenA Consultants / 2020
SME Associate Member
Multi-disciplinary professionals in engineering, architecture, sustainability studies with common goal of environmental sustainability
H1 Systems / 2020
SME Associate Member
System integration and data center infrastructure specialists company providing design, consultancy, turn key implementation and operation support services
IES Engineering / 2019
SME Associate Member
Centralized hot water systems and hot water tanks, heat exchangers
Keppel Infrastructure / 2021
Full Member
Energy Infrastructure, Environment Infrastructure, Energy Services
Mitsubishi Corporation / 2021
Full Member
Trading, Investment and Strategic Business Development in the region for Mitsubishi Corporation in Asia-Pacific covering Energy. Machinery/Global Environment & Infrastructure Business, Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development, Chemicals, General Merchandise, Foods & Retail, Metals, Procurement, Logistics, Retailing, Financing and many others.
Open Computing / 2019
SME Associate Member
Distributor of data servers and data storage for data centres, data centre infrastructure managementa nd liquid cooling solutions for data centres
Shinhan Tech-Engineering / 2019
SME Associate Member
Main builder and Mechanical services contractor specilaizing in commercial and industrial building projects, passive displacement cooling
Singapore District Cooling / 2021
Full Member
Largest fully underground district cooling network in the world
Squire Mech / 2019
SME Associate Member
Design Building Management and M&E consultancy
Technoform / 2020
Insulation and thermal edge bond solutions for AHUs, glass, doors, windows and façade systems as manufacturer of plastic profiles and tubes
Vertiv / 2019
Maker of AC equipment and software for data centres
YiTac / 2020
SME Associate Member
Passive Displacement Cooling, Pre-insulated rectungal ducts

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