Central Gap Fund

The National Research Foundation, Singapore (NRF) Central Gap Fund (“Central Gap”) aims to support the translation of research outcomes into products, processes and/or services that generate economic and societal benefits for Singapore. Through funding publicly-funded research performers and government-linked entities, the scheme provides a national-level platform to resource impactful projects and encourage collaboration across public research performers and/or industry. Please visit the NRF Central Gap Fund for more details on the scheme.

Competitive Research Programme (CRP)

The National Research Foundation Competitive Research Programme funds use-inspired basic research projects that are selected through a merit review process based on scientific excellence. The theme of the proposed research project must be motivated by an important need or problem to be solved. Calls-for-proposals are launched twice yearly to solicit research ideas in science and technology. Please visit the NRF CRP website for more details on the scheme.

Industry Alignment Fund – Industry Collaboration Projects (IAF-ICP)

The Industry Alignment Fund – Industry Collaboration Project (IAF-ICP) supports Public Research Performers in strategic R&D collaborations with industry. The aim is to foster industry-relevant public sector R&D efforts, and Public Research Performers to collaborate with industry, with a line of sight to potential economic outcomes.

Temasek Foundation’s Call for Proposals - Liveability & Sustainability Innovations

Currently, Temasek Foundation organizes two calls per year in one in Feb-Mar and the other in Aug-Sep. The latest criteria and information of Temasek Foundation’s Call for Proposals can be found here: Feel free to connect anytime if you do have an interesting proposal to share and we will be happy to arrange a call to understand more. There is no specific funding ratio or maximum quantum. Project timelines are typically 2 to 3 years.

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