Cooling Energy Science and Technology Singapore (CoolestSG)

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CoolestSG is a national cooling consortium in Singapore hosted at National University of Singapore (NUS). CoolestSG needs a Cooling Technology Roadmap for research & development of novel Cooling Technologies.

The vision of CoolestSG is to promote Singapore as a forerunner in cooling technologies and to translate research into deployment and commercialisation.

The mission of CoolestSG is to catalyse co-development between researchers and industries of novel low-energy cooling technologies and/or passive/integrated designs. This will ensure that research knowhow and IPs are deployed and commercialized, which will enable energy, environment and land savings, within commercial buildings, data centres and industrial sectors.

CoolestSG will function as an umbrella organization with linkages to agencies, researchers and industries across Singapore. It aims to advance existing research into the marketplace as well as initiate new research collaborations between industry and the research community to create exportable products and drive adoption. CoolestSG will also help align stakeholders’ missions to government’s national targets for cooling.

CoolestSG offers a platform for industry partners and research performers to interact and work together to identify relevant topics, gain insights into Singapore’s future cooling needs, as well as develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of the industry.

Companies that join the consortium will get to test their technologies at the facilities of research institutes and government agencies here, such as the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) SkyLab.  The consortium will also be working with government agencies to achieve national sustainability goals for energy efficient cooling, including BCA’s Super Low Energy Buildings Technology Roadmap, and the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) Green Data Centre Technology Roadmap.

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